Urine collection

It is recommended to use special containers.
A 20 c.c.(ml) sample is adequate.

24-hour urine collection

Do not drink distilled alcoholic beverages during urine collection.
Do not save urine from your first time urinating, the starting time. Flush this first specimen. All urine after the first specimen will be saved and stored in a cold place for the next 24 hours.
Once the urine collection has been completed, take the urine container to the laboratory. Indicate the  total quantity of the urine collected.

Urine culture

Use a sterile container and clean your genitals thoroughly with neutral soap.
After the urine has flowed for several seconds, place the collection container in the stream and collect urine. Carefully place the lid back on the container and return it to the lab as soon as possible. Wrap the container in tinfoil to protect it from light.

Acidified 24-hour urine collection

This procedure involves the acidification of urine.
You need to pour 5 ml HCL (4 spoons muriatic acid)  per litre of urine.
Void the urine collected into a dark container or wrap your container in tinfoil to protect it from light.

Seminal fluid (Sperm)

Collect sample after 3-5 days of sexual abstinence. Before collecting the sample clean  your genitals thoroughly. Collect the sample by mansturbation and ejaculate it into a special container.

Faeces collection

Use a sterile container.
Store the collected specimen in a cool place (2-8 °C)  and deliver it to the laboratory within 12 hours.

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