Director of department Prof. Emilio Bajetta

TIGLI building

The Oncology day hospital of Policlinico di Monza started its activity in September 2012.  Villa building is dedicated to providing cancer patients with treatment in a warm environment. Each patient room has been designed  for maximum comfort, quietness and safety.
Patients given a day-hospital service  when their therapeutic treatment takes more than three hours. Each patient  has a room with a private toilet and a TV. The rooms have been designed to give an air of comfort and relaxation where patients can enjoy the support of their friends and families throughout treatment. As well as the best possible clinical care, we are committed to providing our patients with around- the-clock dedicated nursing and psychological support staff.

Day Hospital admissions have a  positive impact on the patient’s quality of life, first and foremost because they are a valuable alternative to long-term hospitalisation and secondly because the patient can receive treatment and care daily and have the opportunity of going back home afterwards.

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