Heart failure treatment

Director of Department Dr. Andrea Mortara

A significant decrease in mortality and morbility rates has been shown among patients with HF who have  received adequate treatment. Our dedicated medical and paramedical staff  have been trained to provide care in the event of a Heart Failure.
Our personnel regularly work with general practitioners to help them deal with the problems and issues of their patients.

The Department of Cardiology has a special unit specifically dedicated to the treatment of patients with Heart Failure. Its activity is divided into:
  1. Patient hospitalization
  2. Patient follow-up

During  hospitalization doctors visit the patient, make diagnoses and decide how long each patient needs to stay in hospital and if a pacemaker or a defibrillator has to be implanted.

Periodic follow-up visits are essential and they are usually scheduled by patients or general practitioners. The frequency of follow-up visits depend on the seriousness of the disease. In general, however, visits are scheduled every three, six or twelve months and may require additional tests like ECG or Holter ECG. We aim to provide  regular care, to prevent the patient’s condition from getting worse and  to avoid long-term hospitalization. Yet, if the disease gets worse, the patient is informed and the drugs therapy changed accordingly.

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