Director of department:
Dr. Paolo Grosso

Cardiac post-surgery intensive care unit:
Dr. Andrea Cuccio

The department of Anesthesiology and Resuscitation of  Policlinico di Monza employs 16 qualified specialists who cooperate with other physicians and surgeons. Several clinical and surgical procedures require anesthesia, which plays a key role in general medicine and oncology to support spontaneous ventilation, to deliver infusion therapies and to administer parenteral nutrition.

This department cooperates with the departments of  endoscopy and diagnostic imaging with the aim of facilitating the instrumental investigations performed by anesthesiologists. Thanks to the latter, pain started to be considered a disease and not just a symptom. This is why diagnostic and treatment procedures are complex instrumental, clinical and pharmacological  processes that require great expertise.
Pain, as a symptom or a disease, is the lack of well-being, the intensity of which varies from patient to patient.

Pain is a subjective state resulting from physical, emotional or cultural damage. It is therefore essential for the anesthesiologist to cooperate with a psychologist and to rely on the support of the patient's family.
Recovering well-being through pain management or relief plays a key role in achieving cure.

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