Complementary services

Visiting hours
Weekdays  1pm-2pm and 7pm-8pm
weekend     3pm-5pm
Extraordinary visits are allowed but must be agreed upon with staff.


Car Park

Policlinico di Monza has two unsurveilled car parks for patients and visitors. Reserved  parking spaces for disabled people are available.


Every room has a private phone for urban and extra urban calls. Public phones are available in the facilities. Calls from room phones will be charged when leaving the hospital.

Bar and catering

Our patients’ families and friends can eat at our canteen (info @ Fggi building-basement) or bar. The bar is open from Monday to Friday 7 am-7 pm and at weekends 10am-6pm.


Patients’ families and friend can stay at  the hotel "Il girasole".
For more info


Newspapers are delivered  to all departments daily.


Patients can send mail. The ward director will give you all the info you need. Fax service is also available (Faggi building –basement)


A hairdresser is available upon request. Ask staff for more info.


Spiritual support is guaranteed every day. Masses are on Saturdays at 4pm

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