Centro Cuore (the heart centre)

heart center

Despite the remarkable progress made in diagnosis and therapy, heart-related diseases are still the main cause of death. According to the WHO, this will be true until at least 2020. The significant increase in life expectancy,  both in the first-world and in developing countries, will lead to an older and older population. This will in turn lead to an increase in the number of people with heart-related diseases and more serious, potentially degenerative conditions.

This is why technological progress is key. Diagnostic tools and treatment options were extremely scarce in the mid-50s. Only 50 years after, IT has radically changed our approach to the patient: Instrumental diagnostics has seen such a dramatic transformation, that it is getting hard to keep up with technological progress. E.g., students can now study anatomopathology using technologically advanced visual aids, instead of practising on actual corpses.

However, this steady technological evolution cannot overshadow a fundamental truth: progress must serve the patient. Therefore, the doctor-patient relationship must not be confined to impersonal, albeit, sophisticated clinical data.

Ever since it was set up, Centro Cuore has attached equal importance to state-of-the-art equipment and procedures  and empathic, patient-centred medical staff. When making diagnostic or therapeutic decisions, we strive to act in accordance with evidence-based medical practice, thus assuring that our patients will receive the best possible treatment, whilst avoiding unnecessary or even useless procedures.

We put our best effort in choosing the best interventional strategy, in compliance with the guidelines established by national and international scientific organisations and also written by some of Policlinico’s cardiologists.

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