Director of department Dr. Francesco D’Errico

The Breast Unit  offers patients a multidisciplinary approach.  Our specialised staff comprises pathologists, radiologists, oncologists, plastic surgeons, psychologists and physiotherapists.

Staff provide diagnosis and treatment of breast cancer, consultation and instrumental investigations.

We use the latest technology diagnostic imaging equipment and perform specific and reliable tests, including digital mammography, collection of cyto-histologic samples, RM and stereotassic tests.

Thanks to a number of minimally invasive procedures, the doctor removes the sentinel node and, if necessary, immediately performs reconstructive surgery with the aid of a plastic surgeon.
Besides, the Oncology Institute of Policlinico di Monza  includes the Breast Unit, provides state-of-the-art therapeutic  protocols:
Internal breast cancer radiation, together with anatomopathology, cytology and microhistology involve procedures that allow to target the area where the cancer originally began  and analyse cancer cells.
Post-surgery rehabilitation helps patients resume their daily activities after major surgery. Psychologists, instead, provide support during diagnosis and therapy.

The Breast Unit has a Public Relation office, where it is possible to get all the necessary information on the rights of the patient, in accordance with the European Parliament Resolution on breast cancer.

The Breast Unit mainly aims at offering scientifically approved therapeutic and diagnostic support in accordance with the best practice shared with other similar institutes, thus protecting women’s basic rights.

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